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Align institute of Design is one of the Top 10 fashion designing colleges in Chennai offering courses. The Institute is offering 3 Years Fashion Designing Programme, 1 Year Advanced Diploma, 6 & 3 Months Crash Courses as well. Fashion Courses in full time, part-time basis and weekend classes are offered.

weekend fashion designing courses in chennai

Fashion Designing Institute in Chennai


Align institute of Design, Chennai was established in 2012.

  • 3 Years Fashion Designing Programme
  • 1 Year Advanced Diploma
  • 6 & 3 Months Crash Courses
  • 1 Year Master Diploma Interior Designing

Fashion Courses in full time and part-time are offered. Zohra Ameen, Director, started her fashion designing unit in the year 2012 and simultaneously started her courses in a small scale. Eventually, she expanded the fashion designing classes for various fashion design programmes. Fashion Designing Institute in Chennai

Our Mission and Vision


The mission of AIFD is to educate the students to gain technical and commercial knowledge that the profession demands so that they become readily employable and successful entrepreneurs in design fields. The Institute challenges students to create new and valuable ideas through innovation, collaboration and experimentation. The focus is to make unique and professional education in the field of fashion designing.

Mentors & Faculties:

  • 1) Anuj Sharma - Fashion Designer (NID Ahmedabad)
  • 2) Ben philip - Fashion Illustrator (NIFT)
  • 3) Mrs. Geetha Ram - Pattern making Faculty & Jury member (NIFT)
  • 4) Bianca jeswant - Patternmaking Faculty (NIFT)
  • 5) Meher - Knitwear Design (NIFT)
  • 6) Abitha - Textile Designing Faculty
  • 7) Neena Kumar - Fashion Blogger
  • 8) Ms. Leelavathi K (NIFT)
  • 9) Mr. Deepak Panicker (NIFT)

3 Yrs Fashion Designing
(3 Years Programme)

Three years programme in Fashion Designing is similar to an undergraduation

Fashion course. It covers the study of creating original designs in garments and a study of the ever-changing trends in the fashion industry and market. Fashion Designing is the study of creating original designs which involve converting artistic talent and creativity in creating products like clothing, textiles, accessories etc., This course also includes detailed study of the ever-changing market trends and the related fashion. This course generally covers the study of specialized fields in the area of the fashion designing-Accessory design, Apparel fashion, Draping, Fashion Illustration, Pattern making, Garment Construction and Marketing & Merchandising.

Course Content:

  • Design Concept
  • Advanced Illustration
  • History of Costume
  • Pattern Making
  • Garment Construction
  • Textile Science or Theory
  • Surface Ornamentation and Embroidery
  • Marketing and Merchandiser
  • Draping
  • CAD
  • Fashion Show
  • Job Placement

2 yr - Advanced Diploma Course

This Advanced diploma course are designed to offer learners an opportunity to gain the requisite knowledge, skills and confidence to pursue careers in their chosen profession of fashion design, Illustration, pattern making and garment construction. The focus is to help each student recognized their true potential, and develop their aptitude in their area expertise. This course generally covers the study of some specialized fields in the area of the fashion designing - Draping, Fashion Illustration, Pattern making, Marketing & Merchandising and Garment Construction.

Course Content:

  • Design Concept
  • History
  • Textile Science
  • Illustration
  • Pattern Making
  • Clothing Construction
  • Surface Ornamentation
  • Garment Industry
  • Fashion Show
  • Job Placement

1 yr Diploma Course

The Program concentrates on the basic skills and techniques used in the design, pattern cutting and garment construction processes in fashion industry. This course allows you to learn about difference between Standard measurement and customized measurement. The curriculum enables the learner to develop core fundamental skills in Western apparel design in a practical and interactive manner.

Course Content:

  • Basic Illustration
  • Hand Embroidery
  • Colour Theory
  • How to take basic measurements
  • Basic Machine Stitches
  • Pattern Making (WESTERN)
  • Pattern Making (INDIAN)

3 Months Short Term Course - INDIAN

This is a very useful course designed for people who wish to learn various design patterns to make garments. Pursuing this course will enable a person to understand the different aspects of pattern making and tailoring in a shorter time frame. This course allows you to learn about Indian attire with customized measurement (one to one individual measurement). The course mainly covers the areas of pattern making, Basic illustration and Garment Construction(Sewing).

Course Content:

  • Hand Embroidery
  • How to take basic measurements
  • Basic Machine Stitches - Structural Design Stitches
  • Different types of Sleeves and Neckline Finishes.
  • Pattern Making (INDIAN)

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